Overland Sand & Gravel Company

22 Main Street
P.O. Box 307
Stromsburg, NE 68666

Phone: 402-764-2371
Fax: 402-764-2916

E-mail: osginfo@overlandsandandgravel.com

Overland Sand & Gravel mines aggregates near Central City, Waco Clarks and Silver Creek Nebraska. The major mined products are concrete aggregate and gravel. Additional products ranging from coarse rock material used in landscape decoration to fine-grained sands used for golf course greens and athletic field construction.

Everything mined and produced is nonpolluting and recyclable. Former mining sites, originally Nebraska pastures and farmland, have undergone reclamation and transformed into recreational lake developments.

Overland Sand & Gravel is a NEBCO company. For a list of all positions available within the company, click here.

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